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The transformative magic of discarded oyster shells

Exclusive technology that tackles oyster shell pollution, transforming them into green and eco-friendly fabrics.


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Eco-friendly fabrics with multiple functionalities, excellent tactile sensation, and versatile applications.


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Inheriting the inherent qualities of discarded oyster shells, Seawool exhibits natural functionalities such as wool-like touch, low thermal conductivity, UV protection, odor resistance, and far-infrared radiation. With its wide range of applications, Seawool is a versatile fabric choice.


The hollow and 3D spiral structure of Smawarm enables it to possess excellent thermal conductivity within 0.044, resulting in outstanding insulation performance. It serves as an excellent alternative to animal down, providing exceptional thermal insulation properties.
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Hulk Bio-Ceramic

Hulk Powder is made from natural oyster shells and offers antibacterial properties, far-infrared radiation, ease of coloration, and high-temperature resistance. It finds applications in various industries such as 3C plastic casings, filtration materials, paints, footwear, construction, packaging, and household products.


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Creative Tech Textile Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, focusing on R&D and marketing of outdoor functional textiles. We specialize in developing functional woven fabrics, such as anti-UV and quick-dry shirts.

We are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, and are proud to be a Bluesign system partner.

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Awarded patent for Seawool manufacturing device

R.O.C. Patent——Seawool...

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Awarded patent for composite fiber

R.O.C. Patent——Composite...


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